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Waiting forever for your retirement savings benefit to be paid to you? Don't stress!

Contact us and we will ensure that your benefit is prioritised and tracked EVERY STEP OF THE WAY until your payment is finalised.

Even better still, contact us upfront and we will ensure that you are paid within 4 to 6 WEEKS instead of 4 to 6 months!

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How we can help you

Claim form completion

Assist you with completion of your retirement fund exit form.

Claim submission

Ensure that the employer submits ALL the requisite claim documentation to the Fund administrator e.g Old Mutual, thereby ensuring that your claim can be processed immediately.

Claim tracking

Ensure that the Fund administrator prioritizes your claim and that there are no process delays.

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Enjoy peace of mind as you sit back and relax, doing what you enjoy most, in the knowledge that you are being looked after!

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Our Pricing Structure

NB! The prices below apply to Resignation, Retrenchment and Retirement benefits only.

Minor Claim


  • Tracking of benefit where benefit is less than R50 000
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Older Claim


  • Tracking of benefit more than one year old
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